Need expert social media advice without all the bells and whistles? Book a social media consultation with me to get all your questions answered.

Let me guess. You’re a small business owner who wants a thriving business that gives you more time, more choice and more money. You know how important social media is to your success, but something’s just not working.

Sure, you could ask a friend who’s a bit socially savvy to help. But are they committed to growing your business? Do they have the experience under their belt to understand what went wrong and why? When it comes to social media advice, you really do get what you pay for.

If you have a burning question about social media or need some advice that will help you build the business of your dreams, then a personal Skype consultation with me is the way to go. I’ll help you understand why you’re not getting results, then offer expert advice that will take your social presence to the next level.

I’ve helped people around the world transform their business by building strong and engaged communities. In fact, I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to social media. Whatever question or problem you have, I’ll help you overcome the barriers that are holding you back, so you can achieve your goals.

By the end of the social media consultation, you’ll feel relaxed, focused and excited about getting started. If this sounds like just what you need, then I can’t wait to work with you. A Skype consultation with me is $249 (inc. GST) and lasts for one hour. Just a heads up: I don’t offer refunds if you need to change your appointment, but I can give you credit towards your next appointment (valid for six months).

Whether you’re frustrated about your lack of engagement, can’t work out what content to post or confused about analytics, then it’s time to stop pushing your social media to the bottom of the to-do list and start investing in tactics that will grow your business.

Let’s do this!